About Us

Select Web Group was formed out of the need for web users to have the straight service they all deserve.

Our experience and IT base goes back to the 1980's. The group domains were registered from 2003 onwards with the first group satellite site established by Miles in 2014.

For far too long, numerous large corporations have in our view taken advantage of individual customers who trust them and use their services. And this, as the same corporations take over and try to duplicate good businesses that gave a decent service before being taken over. The customer can then be left with a reduced choice of suppliers, or the privilege of 'swimming around as a relatively smaller fish in a larger, murky pond'.

In a world where distraction and ambiguity are rife, we always strive to provide a clear and honest umbrella for all users, from those 'dark rainy days'.

With our sites you get stable, professional and innovative service without the BS or wasteful bloat. Our ethical services were never (and will never be) based on corporate greed, cronyism or nepotistic values, but are firmly based on the true merits of technical expertise, innovation and genuine experience accrued over decades. All topped with a real personal respect for the customer who is never 'hoodwinked' or treated just as an ID.

Yes we are sometimes 'a bit old-school', but only after assimilating the latest innovative technologies and having the experience, judgement and then resolve to adopt the best and reject the worst of them. We will never cooperate in 'helping' to send customers down the wrong path, just to make an 'extra buck' or to fit in with the latest, 'designated trends'. We just reject and turn down that kind of business.

You may not find us listed anywhere near the top of search rankings since it seems that some of the best services do not get listed in that way. We will just have to console ourselves with the many hundreds of visitors regularly complimenting our service when they find us, and the top international and national awards received, based upon merit. Many services pay to 'jump the queue' in the search engines. Our view is that this commonly wastes people's time and robs visitors of finding the best services while inflating bills for customers. The additional marketing cost obviously has to be added to the amount charged for those services.

Perhaps it is unchecked corporate greed facilitated by a fat, self-interested, incompetent (or even corrupt) state which is the real cause of the decline in living standards for 'the many'?

The simple aim of SelectWebGroup.com was always to provide a straightforward unified group of select satellite sites which customers could trust to provide quality web services, all under one encompassing umbrella.

That is what we did.

Where possible, we would also like to link 'like-minded' sites and services after careful consideration that in our view they are of genuine and overall benefit to web users.